Born in Greenock, Henry grew up in Gourock on the west coast of Scotland. As a child he would sit and watch his father capturing life on the River Clyde in charcoal, attempting to emulate his skill. Now based in London, Henry is a successful composer and musician. A self-confessed, life-long doodler, he began to develop his own work when his daughter Kathleen gifted him a sketch book in 2017. 

 After his first watercolours were well received, Henry began to experiment in different styles, developing his skills in colour and perspective. He is increasingly drawn to create still life in oils, working from his London home. He returns to Scotland regularly to capture the spaces and places in which he grew up. In his words, ‘a Gourock sunset is hard to beat’ and some of his most popular work depicts serene scenes from the banks of the River Clyde.

 As the lead singer of the Henry Gorman Band, a popular Scottish band he co-founded in the late seventies, Henry has a large fan base in Scotland. Many of those who supported his early music career are now rediscovering his creativity through his artwork.